life has been rather exhausting

i am absolutely frazzled

i forgot who i was

i allowed perpetual attrition to stop my thought

so long

i have listened

to have my very being destroyed


why be shy of my voice

i can change the world

and what a world it will be


Festive Fairy Tinsel

The wizard looked most dour as shopping commuters flashed their bling. A tube pixie was watching in twinkling green and black, who had the upmost urge to do some mischief.

It had all started with a very long cheese queue and no ice wine. The witches were hawking their berries and carcasses of meat hung above oysters. Two pixies in red stripey white pompom hats strode across the zebra on a mission to get a table at turtle tearooms. The gossip of the day, the polar bears had unzipped the rainbow, shock horror, what to do? So much fairy chatter.

The bears were intoxicated after attending the museum of marvels and got lost wandering in Owl Beach woods. Robins playing with quantum entanglement had caused the upmost confusion. An Aadvark wearing a tutu was reported lost while chasing a fire bird that had escaped from a haunted river wharf. The air hung heavy with the smell of coffee and spice. An angel stood on the corner guiding all those who were lost.

London drizzle hung in the air. The fairies had to dry their wings by the christmas tree. Then they got fat on roasted venison and apple crumble. New year was near and they had to be fortified for another year of mischief.

the princess and the pirate

They lived in separate lands and separate times.

All that they had was taken from them, and they sat alone wondering upon what had happened.

Time passed.

The princess combed her hair contemplating the beauty around and the pirate sailed all the sea and saw the lands of no one.

Both were empty.

The pirate wrote his words of what he saw and at one harbour, he stopped. From this spot he took voyage to the stars and from their infinity found peace. He came to a world as beautiful as the one he had left and it was a place where he could see all that he could see.

The princess remained in her dreams,